15th International D.H. Lawrence Conference (CCILC) 
July 18-23, 2022, Taos, New Mexico

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Altitude sickness is real and can ruin your week in Taos

IF you don’t take precautions!

The peak of the infamous Matterhorn (pictured above) is 4, 478 m high.

Matterhorn = 4, 478 m above sea level 

D.H. Lawrence Ranch = 3, 194 m approx. 

Taos = 2, 194 m 

Albuquerque = 1,619 m above sea level 

New York/London = 10 m above sea level 

What can you do?

1. Make the transition gradually : Spend a couple of days in Albuquerque before coming to either Sante Fe or Taos. 

2. Hydrate : Drink twice as much water as you normally would – preferably with electrolytes. We will provide bottles of ‘sports drinks’ at the conference. AVOID ALCOHOL! (Having said this, we will certainly be serving alcohol; however, you are advised to imbibe cautiously and to drink 2 glasses of water for each glass of alcoholic beverage.)

3. Be aware : of the combined effects of the altitude and the drying heat. Even a short walk can parch your body and tire you out. Stay in the air conditioned environments, especially in the middle of the day. (We will ‘front load’ the conference sessions so that you will be inside for the first two days, eating and hydrating.)